April 7, 2021

Giving Love Quilt Top, or a #7 Please

Recently I did a quilt giveaway for 4 of my cousins.  I have many cousins, about 50, but these 4 are special.  I sent an email showing the 8 quilts I was willing to part with and asked them to choose 1 or two.  Ginny chose 1, Chris chose 2, Karen picked 3, and I didn't hear from Ellen.  The quilts were mailed off; then weeks later I got an email from Ellen, she'd picked a quilt and didn't hit send on her mail.  There was only one quilt left and I asked if she'd accept it instead of her 1st choice. 
She was happy to have it in her home.  But, I decided to make her another quilt, like the one she wanted.  

The quilt she wanted was one of the Giving Love Quilts I made as a sampler to show my guild.  This layout requires 13 12.5" blocks.  I already had 11 blocks on hand; so I made 2 more and assembled this quilt top for Ellen.


May your bobbins always be full,

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