December 7, 2020

Diamond Ripples Quilt Top is Complete

This is post-dated because I forgot to blog about it!  This will be the third quilt I've made for this family.  They are great people and I'm happy to help.  Dad is a West Point graduate and currently stationed in Belgium.  Mom is a civil engineer and currently not working except as a mom!  One thing that's great about this family is they always know what they want.  From Belgium, the mom ordered all the fabric, so she was sure the quilt would look like they wanted.  I got about 6 different packages because she couldn't find what she wanted from one vendor.

The total time for everything, cutting, and assembly, was about 3 weeks. I did take a couple of days off!  Tomorrow it's going to my LAQ for a spa treatment. It measures 56 x 70".
May your bobbins always be full,

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