September 11, 2020

The Biggest HST I ever made!

At our FB Room meeting last month, the Temecula Valley Modern Quilt Guild president issued a challenge.  Easy peasy, make something using charm squares.  I'm always up for a challenge, so I looked at some of the charm square tutorials on the web.  I settled on The Brake Lights tutorial by Moda Fabrics.

I had a bunch of charm packs that I'd picked up at a couple of Quiltcons, freebies from the vendors.  Each pack had 5 to 10 squares.  I picked Caribbean Blue for the foreground fabric and Winsor Blue fr the background.  After I read the instructions, I decided, NO Way!  I came up with Plan B, and made the above 60" square from the charms, cut in half, and foreground 4/5" rectangles.

I then made a matching-sized background square.  Laid them out, right-sides together, drew the diagonal line, and stitched 1/4' from both sides of the line, cut on the line, and pressed.  That's how I made these huge HSTs.

But I wasn't finished.  I cut another 60" length of Windsor Blue, cut it in half, along the fold, and stitched the new addition to the top of each section.  I now have two Brake Light Quilt Tops.  I sent them off to my friend Georganna for quilting.  When complete, they will go to my favorite twins!

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. A fun and innovative quilt idea. Love it!!
    Perfect for twins!


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