July 3, 2020

The Dresden Blooms Quilt Top is Finished!

Here it is laid out on the lawn.  Right after I took this, the wind came up, so the photo-taking had to move inside.  

Some of the Dresden Plates.

This is based on the video tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I changed 5 things.  (1) I added .5" to the large background squares, I made them 24.5"  

(2) The tutorial calls for the white strips to be 2, 3, 4, and 5 inches.  I decided on 2.5, 3, 4, and 4.5 inches, it's the little things.

Auditioning Background square fabric.

(3) I altered the joining of the Dresden plates; I started at the narrow end with a 3/8" seam and tapered to normal 1/4" seam at the wide end.  This is so the Dresden plate would lay flat.  This method made the Dresden Plates smaller, but having flat plates was so worth it.

(4)  I changed the construction of the inner color circle.  The tutorial called for raw-edge applique, and I really wanted a finished edge.  So I used 2 layers for the circles.  I stitched all the way around, cut a wide slit on the bottom layer, and turned the circle right-side out.

(5), The last thing was dividing one of the Dresden plates in half, then changing the color of the center for one of the halves, to match the adjacent square.

You can find the original video tutorial here.  The tutorial claims this makes a 81" square quilt; it does not, my quilt top is 72" square.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I really like your quilt. Isn't it nice to mix things up and make it your own?

  2. Love it! This is more in line with the colors I was thinking of too. Love your broken 'gear'. I'm thinking of how I could put these together as if they were interlocked and ready to rotate each other. :)

  3. What a challenge! Good luck.


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