June 7, 2018

Long time no sew, and a negative review.

I've really been a traveling woman lately; I was gone 14 days in April and all but 10 days of May!  My latest trip was Norway, London, and NYC!

I'm 56% Scandinavian and most of that is Norweigian.  I was very excited when I found a tour called Stitching in Norway!  I gambled on a tour company that I didn't know anything about.  For the most part, the Norway segment of my trip was a success.  Below is the review I sent to the company, Arena Travel

"I was a first-time traveler with your organization, so I didn't know what to expect. I was very satisfied with the trip, hotels, and food. The Arena office staff were top notch, as was Hilary, our tour manager. My only negative was with Karin, she constantly bashed America and Americans, (I'm American), one to ten times a day, every day. She asked me how to attract more Americans to her tours and immediately negated each suggestion. She did tell me that she was famous in America, several times, but I'd never heard of her prior to this trip."

I won't be traveling with this company again, the CEO responded that I must have misunderstood Karin Hellaby's comments, daily anti-American comments.

This is a negative review because there is no excuse for this type of prejudice in the world; especially if they want my dollars.  The CEO offered no apology but did offer to take more of my money on any future travel with them.  Not happening.  It reminded me of the type of prejudice that existed in the early part of the 20th century in America.

Rant over, how about some photos of Norway?  I basically posted this on my family/travel blog with different photos, if you're interested.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip to Norway. I love seeing the redwork, and it's always so interesting to see quilt guilds from other countries--I'm guessing that's what we glimpse there?

    I'm sorry you had a negative experience. That must have been a constant source of stress. Knowing she had an American on the tour, she should have refrained from being so critical. Unfortunately, international opinions of our country have plummeted over the last year; polls show that only in Russia and Israel are we held in higher regard than before this Administration took over. So, it's likely when we travel we'll encounter a lot of negativity. Still, to be on the receiving end of it from your host is uncalled for, and then to be told that you "misunderstood" is insulting.

  2. I loved looking at all your photo's, especially the Norwegian dolls. I enjoy seeing costumes from different countries and we should all be proud of our heritage, good or bad. I thought Karin Hellaby's name rang a bell and saw a link to a Ytube video, which I remember watching last year. Wiki also says she was born in the north east of England (so am I, Yorkshire) of Norwegian parents. I guess that explains why she was on the tour, but not for her ignorant comments. Anyway, good to see you back and sharing some great photo's :)


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