June 17, 2018

I'm early, I'm always early

In March I issued a new challenge to the members of the TVMQG ~ A Charm Pack Challenge.  Most modern quilters don't use many pre-cuts, like charm packs or jelly rolls; so I thought a challenge was called for.

The challenge is due at our September meeting.  Mine is really now because I never leave anything to the last minute.

For the quilt top, I used 6 Cookies & Cream 40 Karat Gems charm packs from Wilmington Fabrics.  I like that half the squares are white and half are cream.  They all have a subtle white on white print.

I grabbed a handful of my favorite colorful scraps and make an odd shaped triangle on one corner of each charm.  When I laid them out my only concerns were alternating the white and cream square and having the triangles touch.  I didn't care if they co-ordinated, I just wanted a butterfly-ish shape.

For the quilt back I had some gray Lizzie House that didn't get used in another project, so I used it here.  The binding is one of my favorite blues, Kona Windsor.  I always keep it on hand and I just reordered it.

The quilt measures 54' square.

May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. Such a cheerful quilt! I really like this effect. I has good energy. I've seen a variation in which there are triangles on opposing corners of the square, and to me that quilt looked too busy. Your quilt is just right--the butterfly effect is evident and there is plenty of open space.


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