February 9, 2018

Temperature Quilt

Last year two of my IG friends made "Temperature Quilts".  I really liked the idea and decided to do my own this year.  January was very busy for me, so I got a late start and did all of the January units the last few days.  I'd already gathered my fabric; I decided to go with a mix of solids and prints.  I just had to find the time to make the flying geese.

I decided to make 3" x 6" flying geese; I'm going to end up with a very large quilt. 

If the temp was "normal" or higher the geese are pointed up; if the temp was below average the geese are pointed down,  There are only 6 pointed down; we had a very warm January and February is looking pretty hot, too.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. What an interesting idea - what happens when you have only 28 days in February? I'll be keeping a watch to see how this all turns out - love your colour selection :)

    1. For the "short" months, I'll figure the average and add that at the end.

  2. I made one in 2016. Still not quilted, though!I like your flying geese idea.


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