August 3, 2017

TVMQG Mag Photo Challenge Quilt Top and Back are ready.

I challenged my fellow TVMQG members to make a quilted item using a magazine or newspaper photo as inspiration.  I actually purchased several mags trying to find inspiration and settled on the above photo of a corn cob from In Style mag.

I did a fabric pull on 7/10 and came up with a plan.  I decided to use 2" strips to make 4-patches, and to keep everything as random as possible; no matchy-matchy!  Then part two was to make HSTs the same size as the 4-patches, 3.5' square.  After starting, I caught Bronchitis and was out of commission for a couple of weeks.  Rest, rest, rest was all it did, so no sewing.

I slowly eased my way back to the cutting board and sewing machine.  I made 4-patches of the HSTs and 4-patches and thought I was pretty original.  Wrong, what I made was a Jacobs Ladder quilt!

I really love how the quilt top turned out.  Again, I kept everything random and no matchy-matchy.  The top measures 37" x 43". 

Then it was time to piece the quilt back.  I'd made the panel below to demo how to make a quilt block/item using a photo for inspiration for our May guild meeting.  I decided to use it as the centerpiece of the quilt back.

The photo below is the quilt back.  I took some extra 4-patches and made a "sun" for the "sky" above the beach houses.  The photo isn't great, but I hope you can see my intent.

I don't do my own quilting on anything larger than a doll quilt so this will go to my LAQ, as soon as she returns from vacation.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I love your Jacob's Ladder quilt! That's pretty great inspiration.


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