January 18, 2017

Latifah Saafir Lecture and Trunk Show, part one

I was invited to attend this event at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, how could I pass that up!  I went up really early because this is SoCal and our traffic is notorious; I found a diner to have dinner and had plenty of time.  I had to arrange for my dogs to be walked and fed but it all worked out great.

I must warn you this is photo overload.

Latifah is very animated and I had a hard time getting a clear photo of her.  I think this one works.  Below is the photo I asked someone to take of us together.  Yes, I have my jacket on, the room was freezing.  I was surprised no one else asked to have their photo taken with her.  She's a Modern Quilting Rockstar!

This first group of five quilts shows her work with bias tape.

Big O, part2

Zinnia Medallion

Air Show, and a close-up.

Many of her quilts had no name, this one was mentioned as Applique Handbook

The Front and the Back of a Six Minute Circle Quilt.

The Front and Back of her pattern Muffin Tops, using her own Fabric Line.
She does all her own quilting on a domestic machine!

"Wet Matches"

Latifah's first Mole Hills quilt.

This Mole Hills quilt shows the evolution of her technique.

Play Around the World using the Six Minute Circle Technique.

Bouncing Balls, can't you just hear them bounce!

This is one of the first quilts she designed, it's called The Big Log.  You'll notice that most of her quilts have a very wide 1-inch binding, this is a design choice.  Latifah is an engineer by training, and you can certainly see her background in many of her quilts.

A modern take on the Pickle Dish is a Mole Hill variation.

This quilt is named Huckleberry; it uses the 6-minute circle technique.  It's the first Latifah Saafir quilt that appeared in a book!

This is the Front and Back of the 1st version of Air Show; using bias tape.

I hope you enjoyed this little "tour", there's more to come.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I love her work! Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure it was a fun evening!

    1. It was a great evening. I so glad I got to go.


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