January 5, 2017

Jacob's Ladder progress

It's super yucky outside, yes that's a SoCal native declaration, so I laid these out on the garage floor.  Five more Jacob's Ladder blocks completed!  I plan to make five more and using some on the quilt back.

I laid these out all "willy-nilly" with no attention to design.  I really like the random layout but I don't think random will be part of the final design.

Before making the final five blocks I'll be working on some small projects.  I've learned to pace making this kind of block so that I don't get bored.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Wonderful colors! I've been thinking about making a Jacob's Ladder quilt...just need to finish up a few UFOs first. Love yours!

    1. Do it! I've had so much fun with this one. It's a Solid Fabric Challenge quilt for our MQG.

  2. Your mix of colors is wonderful! I hesitate to point this out, but have you noticed that in one of your pink blocks, there is a HST that appears to be turned sideways? In the photo above, it is the pink block in the second row. I mention it not to be critical, but because I'd hate for you to sew it all together and then see it. Sometimes I don't catch a mistake when I've looked at a block so many times, and then my sweetheart walks through the room and says, "What the heck?", and I try to remember that he's being helpful. :) I look forward to seeing the finished quilt. I had a nephew named Jacob, and intend to someday make a Jacob's Ladder quilt. I'd always seen them in very traditional colors/fabrics; it's fun to see such a vibrant and cheerful version.

    1. Thanks, Beth. There are currently 3 "error" blocks that will be moved to the quilt back. My philosophy is like the Amish, I'm not perfect and neither are my quilts! This pattern is paper-pieced making it very easy but the repetition is boring, so I've been breaking it up with other projects.


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