November 21, 2016

Zipper Pouch

For our first Christmas Party, the TVMQG is exchanging zipper pouches.  I've installed many zippers, back in my clothing sewing days, but only one since I've been quilting.  I looked back at that post and decided to use the same tutorial, by Ana Graham of Noodlehead fame, this time, too.

I love the extra "pop" the chartreuse gives the lining.

In other news, our guild had an English Paper Piecing, EPP, workshop, on Saturday.  It was hosted by Jane, our guilds' first president, and taught by Colleen.  There were 9 of us, and we learned a lot and had a really good time.  This photo above shows what I made.

I'm going on a 3-week cruise next year, and I'm going to take an EPP project to work on during the "sea days".  It's not difficult and no sewing machine is involved.  Colleen called it "slow-sewing".

You might remember that at the October TVMQG meeting I was told to put my hand down when I volunteered for the Nominating Committee.  I raised my hand because if you're on the Nominating Committee, you can't "run" for a board position, and I wasn't going to "toss my hat into the ring".  I thought that perhaps they were thinking of me for the Social Media Chair.  NO, they nominated me to be the new President of the TVMQG.  When I received the phone call to see if I would accept, I had to sit down, I was stunned.  I did accept and was voted to be the 2017 president of our guild at the November meeting.  I'll do my best and this should be VERY interesting.

May your bobbins always be full,

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