June 1, 2016

Making progress in the Wonky Improv-Curve Quilt Top

I have been a busy bee.  After I selected these fabrics for a Wonky Improv-Curve quilt, there was lots to do.

First I cut a 16.6 inch square from each fabric.  Then I stacked them and drew a curved line on the top fabric.  The stack was too thick to use a rotary cutter, so I cut the curve the old fashioned way and using scissors.  Then I stitched together pairs of mismatched fabric.

Next, I drew the second curve and repeated the process.  You can see that the blocks were not laying absolutely flat, but that wasn't a problem until the third curve was stitched in.

I thought of a couple of solutions, but decided to "sleep" on it.  I've always been able to problem solve while sleeping.  I work up this morning with my solution.  I did a trial to make sure I'd be happy with the result.

First I sliced two blocks in two.  You can see that the cut edges ended up curved!  I used the top and bottom of each piece to make a straight line, and get rid of the curve.  Then I joined one half of each block, to make two new blocks.  I trued them up to 13.75 inches square, to get rid of all those jagged edges.

And these two blocks are the result.

I performed the slicing, trimming and re-joining process on the remainder of the blocks, but this time I didn't work with two blocks at a time, so the placement was more random.  Above isn't the final layout, but it's close.

This is a photo of the instructions that were given on making a Wonky Curves block.  I started with smaller squares because most of the fabric I pulled was half yard cuts, so no 20 inch squares.  But, hey, it's improv!

May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. I liked how it turned out after you had to cut the pieces in half - it will be interesting to see how you progress with this :)


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