March 2, 2016

Group or Small Bee Quilts at Quiltcon 2016

Twisted Sisters Quilt by Stephanie Ruyle and the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild
21 quilters pieced and 2 quilted this
modern quilt interpretation of the iconic game of Twister.

Pathways by Janet Schoenfeld and the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild
Pieces by 5 quilters and quilted by one
Represents the many paths we take on our journeys and what
we discover and encounter along the way.

Emerging Illusion by Allison Dutton and the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild
Pieced by 11 members of the Do Good Stitches Emerge Circle.

Mistwraith by Rossie Hutchinson and the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild

I Love Sewing by Neva Asinari and the Central New Jersey Modern Quilt Guild
Pieced by 11 quilters.

May your bobbins always be full,

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