January 29, 2016

Frustrating...Warning ~ I'm not happy!

I've wanted a design wall for ages.  I thought it'd make my quilting life easier and it should.  My new portable design wall and I have gotten off to a rough start.

On the recommendation of two quilty friends, one on FB and one on IG, I purchased "Cheryl Ann's Portable, Free Standing Design Wall".  I got the large size, 72" x 72".  In theory, this should be just what I need.  I have no wall space to dedicate to a design wall, so one that can be put up and taken down, as needed, sounded divine.

My first problem when I attempted assembly yesterday was the Brace Clips did not easily snap on; they were a bear to get on, and one actually broke, rendering the use of that pole mute.

The top photo shows the printed rows of this quilt top before adding the half blocks to the ends of half the rows.  The photo above shows the rows rearranged after the rows were complete, and the design wall had tipped over, dumping the blocks on the floor.  After this photo was taken, it tipped over again!

 I gave up yesterday afternoon, I had to go teach Tai Chi.  Before I left, I moved the design wall to the guest room, and wedged it in front of the mirrored closet.  This morning I worked with the strips, placing them again, but this really isn't satisfactory, either.  The design wall is meant to be used at an angle,  The angle helps keep the blocks on the flannel better.  I'm not giving up, but I just had to vent!
May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. I know it would cost more $$ but maybe you could put some batting onto the front? Not what you originally paid for and I can understand how you would be upset with what you have at the moment :(


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