December 22, 2015

The Second Water Land Kite Quilt Top is Finished!

We've had some rain, and it's still drizzling outside, I used the kitchen shutters as my clothesline today.  It worked pretty well.

This quilt top went together pretty fast for two reasons.  First, all the kite shapes were already put together and because I already had an idea about what I wanted to do.  I really love all the negative space in this quilt top.  It measures 37" x 45".

The first Water Land Kite Quilt Top.

The quilt backs for these two quilts will need to wait until after Christmas because I need to "tidy-up" because my daughter and grandson are coming on Christmas Day.

I've decided to participate in the New Years Day - Mystery Quilt for a Cause, this time.  It's a FB group run by Heather Spencer.  This is the fabric I'm going to use.  I ordered them from Kathi of Jack of Arts.  It's a small business in a small AZ town, but she put together several options for this QAL, and I just loved this one.  I don't need more fabric, but I wanted to support her shop, plus she's donating part of the purchase price to Heather's charity The Family Renewal Center.  It's a private charity that helps victims of domestic violence.  A great cause.
May your bobbins always be full,

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