November 21, 2015

The Autumn Leaves Quilt is finished!

This is a custom order for a lady named Diane.  After I accepted the commission, I found out she lives in SoCal, about 80 miles away.  That's a first for me, the other commissions have been spread across the US.

I received the deposit in early August and it was finished today.  Diane should have it by early December.  Not bad, four months for a completed quilt.

This is the pieced back, I intentionally cut duplicates of the points that formed the leaf points and the seedpods, to use on the quilt back, and I threw in a little gray triangle for variety, can you spot it?  The upper photo sure shows off the fabulous Long Arm Quilting by Janiel Miller.

I really love this quilt and I'll be sad to see it go!  The finished quilt is 95" x 95".

We still have lots of trees with beautiful Autumn Leaves and some are in the gutter.

When I got down to the clubhouse to photograph the quilt, the auditorium was all set up for an anniversay party.  Pretty fancy.

Looks like a good time will be had, tonight.  Bob and I skipped the party for our 50th, and went on a 6 week trip, 4 weeks on a cruise through the Panama Canal then on to Europe, then stays in Copenhagen and New York.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I love those leaves, the mix of colours and the way they look like they are tumbling down :)

  2. What a pretty quilt, and I love the pieced back. I shared it over in the Quilting group on Facebook so others could enjoy it, too!

  3. Beautiful quilt!! From the stunning quilting, to the details on the back, I love it all! Is there a pattern name for this one? Gorgeous quilt. . sorry if I commented 2 times, I am not sure it went thru before.


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