August 22, 2015

Scrappy Scrapalious Quilt is finished!

I spent most of the month of March stitching this quilt top together.  I used a lot, not all of my print scraps.  I call this design Brick by Brick.  I tried to alternate light and dark, I was semi-successful.

Photographing this monster, it's 92" x 90". was a challenge.  The photos taken on the grass were only OK, and these on the tennis courts required seven clothes pins!  Seven!

For the quilt back I stitched together fat quarters of Make Life Sweet by Sweetwater.

I attempted to get both dogs to pose with the folded quilt, Ben was the only one to co-operate!  This photo shows the bounce of red I added to the binding.  It's such a large quilt I added two extra scraps, I'm loving the look.

I believe this quilt is staying at my house.  I currently sleep under a quilt that I purchased over 15 years ago before I started making quilts; my youngest daughter, Sharon, has advised me that I need to sleep under one of my quilts!  Bossy, bossy, bossy.

BTW, I now have no UFOs!
May your bobbins always be full,

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Happy Quilting!