August 10, 2015

Los Angeles Quilt Show and Fiber Art Fest at Crafted.

Yesterday, my daughter Sharon and I went to the Second Los Angeles Quilt Show, it was held at Crafted in San Pedro at the Port of Los Angeles.  We went last year and were very impressed; second year was great, too.  I was going to enter a quilt this year, but as I told Sharon, "This hasn't been my favorite year", maybe next year.  I didn't take a photo of all the quilts, but I'm going to show you many of them.

Sharon thinks I need to make one like this.  Isn't it beautiful?

Another beauty.  I love giraffes!

Such a  great story.

Lovely quilt, sorry for the blurry explanation.

I love this simple quilt.  And the name!

What a wonderful quilt, and her tag is great!

Another blurry tag.  These are applique quilts, made from whole cloth, in the manner they make them in Pakistan.

May your bobbins always be full,


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