August 23, 2015

Autumn Maple Leaves Quilt

Almost four years ago I made this Autumn Maple Leaves Quilt.  I used a bundle of Lizzie House fat eighths that I'd won.  I love this quilt so much.  Before Bob and I, our daughter Sharon and grandson Oden visited our Aunt Lorraine in Wisconsin, in July of 2013, after an epic baseball trip, I shipped the quilt ahead and asked her to hold onto the box until we got there.  I told her we would be there on Sharon's birthday, and this part was a fib, I told her it was Sharon's gift.  When we got to her home, Aunt Lorraine brought the box out, and we gave it back to her and confessed that it was for her.  We were so excited and she was thrilled.  Every time I talk to her she tells me how much she loves it and how many people she's showed it off to.

I called Aunt Lorraine recently and told her that a woman named Diane had commissioned me to make a copy of the Autumn Maple Leaves Quilt.  Unfortunately, the same fabric is no longer available.  While I've been finishing up some projects, I've been mulling over which fabrics to use.  Today I assembled this set of fabrics, from several different designers, and I think they'll work.  Most of the fabric is from two lines, Good Fortune by Kate Spain and Pie Making Day by Brenda Ratliff; with some co-ordinates thrown in.

The fabric I used for the border is also no longer available, but it'll take awhile to assemble the main parts of the quilt top, so I have time to decide an alternative.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. this is really cool. Love the leaves!

  2. Good Morning:
    Did you ever offer this quilt pattern to the public? Is it available? thank You

    1. Sorry, there isn't a pattern for this quilt. I got my inspiration from a Spanish blogger; this is the post:
      I did do a tutorial for the appliqued stem:
      Your best bet is to click on the lable "Autumn Leaves" and scroll to the first post to see how I made the quilt. Good luck.


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