February 28, 2015

OK, I'm bragging about the Positive Quilt.

This is the fourth, and final, quilt of mine that will appear in Quilty Magazine.  Fons and Porter has decided to discontinue this publication and concentrate to their other brands.  It's not easy to get published and I'm excited about this.  I did have two other quilts rejected by Fons and Porter; getting a rejection email is no fun, but that's life.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. congrats on the having your quilt in the magazine. Unfortunately, I have looked everywhere to find the it with no luck. Seems like even Joann Fabrics has stopped carrying it. Bummer! I was really hoping to get this issue and their final issue. I also liked the delectable mountains quilt you had in a previous issue. Great job! micki@2dogsstudio.us

  2. Just purchased this issue of Quilty. Great pattern. Disappointed this publication is being discontinued.

  3. Beautiful quilt!!!!! A great pattern for all skill levels and perfect for so many quilting ideas!!!!!


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