August 3, 2014

The Inaugural Los Angeles Quilt Show and Fiber Art Fest

This new Quilt Show was held at a great space, Crafted, in the Port of Los Angeles, or San Pedro, to locals.

The gals from Sew Modern were there, with their groovy trailer.

I found out about this event via one of my daughter Sharon's friends and co-worker, Heidi Bartlett.  This is one of her entries, "People Urban Cabin".  This is a new to me design, and I love it.

Luke Hayes taught an improv class on Friday, and they exhibited four of his quilts.   This one was my favorite; I love the quilting on the reverse.  Sharon was really surprised that other quilters don't usually piece the backs of their quilts.

Here are shots of some of the other quilts.  This was a very small show, under 50 quilts were entered.

These two quilts, "Hail, to the Red, White and Blue", above, and "Aloha", below, are by the same quilter, Diane Wing.

This "Boston Commons" quilt is by Patricia Byron.  It is entirely hand stitched and quilted!  Below are a couple more quilts that I didn't get the quilt maker information.

And this is my daughter, Sharon.  She didn't realize I was taking her photo.

And some quilt show humor.

It was a really great day, it was almost 90 miles, one way, but well worth the drive.  I think I'll enter a quilt or two, next year.  This is there FB page, if you're interested.  The space, Crafted has a FB page, too.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. That looks like you had a good day and some fun, you definitely should enter a quilt next year, too bad you didn't do it this year, you'd already have a ribbon :)

  2. Looks like an awesome day! I'll have to check that out next year :)


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