August 22, 2014

Ready to make pinwheels

I seems it's taken all week to make these HST for the next Memory Quilt.  I made 200+ HSTs using the four-at-a-time method.

Got them all pressed and trued to 4.5 inches.

We've had some beautiful skies this week, so I thought I'd throw in an extra photo. When I haven't been working on HSTs, I've been busy being Bob's chauffeur. He thinks he can drive, and I don't, so I'm driving. Better safe than sorry. He had an appointment everyday this week; some took a couple of hours of my time and one took all day in San Diego.  I also did my regular volunteer gig of teaching Tai Chi, plus I've taken my 2nd Yoga class, and think I'll stick with it.
May your bobbins always be full,

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Happy Quilting!