August 4, 2014

Memory Quilt progress

Life and quilt shows have been slowing my progress, but it really is moving right along.

These are the three main pieces I'm cutting from the dress shirts.  I did just three shirts before I threw my hands in the air and decided to de-bone all the shirts, so I would have flat pieces of fabric to work with.

I mentioned that I also stripped the buttons from all the shirts.  Each shirt had at least 11 buttons, a lot had 15, and one had 18 buttons.  This is the reward, a small jar chock full of shirt buttons.

These are the shirts I de-boned, I'm slowly working thru them, cutting the pieces I need.  The de-boning took a good chunk of time, so I might not have saved time, but I did save my sanity.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. It looks like the hard part is done and the shirts all seem to work together in color, it should be easy sailing now, :)

  2. Jars of buttons make me smile every time. It's going to be such a special quilt - and I'm sure much appreciated. Lots of wonderful colour in those shirts!


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