August 25, 2014

50 pinwheels

I finished the pinwheels I need for the second memory quilt.  I only need 48, but I was on a roll, and 50 will give me some design flexibility.  I did try to keep them modern by using some of the lightest shirt fabric as background fabric.  No, I'm not going to photograph all of them.  I had to stop stitchin' and clean house because our card group is meeting here tomorrow.  I almost never leave things to the last minute, so I'll only need to do some finishing touches tomorrow.  Oh, the joys of living in a small house!

While making the pinwheels, I noticed that a few of my blocks were contrary.  Instead of re-doing them, I've developed an idea for how to use them.  Stay tuned for how that works out, later in the week.

As usual Sweet Ben came outside to supervise me.  He didn't even get up to inspect the pinwheels; just laid there catching rays.  Such a good boy.
May your bobbins always be full,


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Happy Quilting!