July 21, 2014

Simply Woven Quilt Top is assembled.

My least favorite thing about quilting is "pressing the seams open", but some quilts require it.  This quilt has too many little seams and joins to have a chance of being flat, if the seams are not pressed open.  I really like the way this quilt top turned out.

A close up.

And a shot from the back shows all that tedious pressing; but I know it will make it a lot easier on the Janelle, my long-arm quilter.

Making the quilt back will have to wait until later in the week.  Tomorrow morning I have to clean the house, teach Tai Chi in the afternoon and in the evening our card-playing group is coming over.

Wednesday is the monthly Parkinson's Support Group, and I'll lead Tai Chi.  Plus I've got some errands to do.  Life gets in the way of quilting all too frequently.
May your bobbins always be full,

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Happy Quilting!