July 12, 2014

Progress Report on the Simply Woven Quilt Top

I'm making good progress on my latest project, the Simply Woven Quilt Top.  So far, I've added four of the stripes by cutting, joining and pressing my seams open.  There are two more stripes to be added in, then I'll be able to join all the blocks together, after a bit of "trueing-up"; a necessity with this many pieces in a block.

I wanted to point out that if you comment on my blogs and you don't hear back from me, you are most likely a No-Reply Blogger.  It's frustrating to a small blogger like myself, not to be able to interact with you, if you've been gracious enough to leave a comment.  If you do a google search of  "no-reply" blogger, you'll find lots of people willing to tell you how to fix this.  I do want to mention that not everyone uses the Blogger platform for their blogs; the other free platforms that I'm aware of are Wordpress and Typepad.   One good solution is to have an account with all the the blogging platforms, the account is free; that way it's easy to leave comments on all three types of blogs.  Here's hoping you become a Reply Blogger, if you aren't.

Now, I'm going to slash and add stripes to all 25 Simply Woven Blocks.
May your bobbins always be full,

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