July 20, 2014

One more block and some progress.

This is the Woven block I made out of scraps.  It's my favorite of the 25 blocks I've made.  If I made another quilt using this block, I think I'll make all the blocks scrappy.  The scrappiness is subtle, and I like that, too.

Today, I managed to stitch all the rows together.  For my layout I tried to keep it scrappy by twisting the blocks left-right and up and down.  There's an afternoon breeze happening, so  I anchored the bottoms with more clothespins.

Frisco is doing really well, today.  He's mostly resting and he's a little grumpy.

I'm going to wait to stitch the rows together.

Ben's always close by.  He's a really good little guy.  His nickname is Ben Rivers, because he doesn't do the "normal" marking thing when we go for a walk.  He lets it all out at once, like a river.
May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. It looks like lattice hanging there like that, very pretty. I'm happy to hear that Frisco is getting better by the day and I can't fault him for being grumpy, I would be too.


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