July 26, 2014

A New Project, Memory Quilts

A month ago I posted about being commissioned to make two memory quilts.  It took awhile to get everything organized and some basic decisions made.  I received the about shirts and I was very happy with the quality and variety; those two factors will make for great quilts.  I took the shirts to the cleaners to be lightly starched and pressed.  Have I told you that I really dislike ironing clothing?  I'm sure I have.

One of the things that took a long time, after receiving the shirts was coming up with designs.  I wanted my customer involved; afterall these two quilts will hold many important memories, and I wanted her and her 6 year old to love the entire quilts.  I submitted many design ideas and they settled on a patchwork with a heart for the young lady and a pinwheel design with a border for the Mom, "D".  These are the design ideas that I'll put my spin on.

I-Spy Heart Quilt - A Quilt for a Baby Logo's HeartPinwheel for Sage | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
                       source                                                         source

I'm almost ready to start cutting into the shirts, but I want to do some more thinking/figuring on the pinwheel quilt.  I did order some solids for the backings, and maybe bindings, from Winter Creek Cloth.  Blue was "D"'s husband's favorite color.

May your bobbins always be full,

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