June 25, 2014

Two quilts to be planned.

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by someone I didn't know, via email, regarding making a quilt for her.  She explained that her husband had passed away on May 16th and a friend had suggested that she have his dress shirts made into a quilt.  My heart broke when I read her email.  She also mentioned a 6 year old daughter.

We emailed back and forth and decided on two quilts, one for her and one for her daughter.  She had a size in mind 60" square, each.  I gave her a price, one third less than usual; I really didn't know what to charge since she's supplying the shirt fabric.  Today the box came, from Chicago.

I opened it up and took some photos, I was very happy with the mix of patterns and colors.  (When Bob was working detectives all his shirts were very neutral, white, blue, gray, tan, etc., not very interesting for a quilt.)

I have a couple of stitching projects I want to take care of before starting this project.  I think that will give me some time to come up with a plan for the quilts.

This was printed on the outside of the box.  Heart is aching, again.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Oh my gosh, tears here too. Bless them.

  2. aww! that's so heartbreaking. That would be way too much pressure for me, good luck! I'm excited to see what you create. :)


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