March 14, 2014

Block Magazine

A little more than a month ago I read on the Missouri Star blog that they decided to publish their own magazine.  They listed various reasons and talked about the format.  One of the things that convinced me to subscribe was that there would be no advertising.  I understand about why mags need advertising, but so often the ads are overwhelming and content is secondary.

I'm not much of a mag subscriber, but I thought I'd give Block a try.  The first issue arrived this week, and I need to tell you, I'm so impressed.  One of the most impressive things, to me as a former bookseller, is the quality of the publication.  It feels like a trade edition of a book.  If you go to the quilting section of your local B&N, most of the books feel just like this magazine.

The photos are beautiful, and you can assume the tutorials are great.  Here's some photos of the pages.

Another impressive thing is the price, $5.99, for a beautiful mag, with no ads, beautiful photos and great instructions, and no charge for shipping.  If you want to get this mag in your mailbox follow this link.

(I don't have sponsors, so you can be sure this is an honest, unsolicited review.)
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I'm hoping my copy arrives today! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Mine arrived also & I too was quite impressed. Absolutely does not look or feel like a magazine. Love the shape too!

  3. Thanks, Jan. Think I will subscribe.


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