January 18, 2014

Step by step

No wind today, sure makes taking photos a lot easier.  This morning I pieced the sashing between the rows of blocks.

I never can resist a good "back-view".   This quilt to looks good from the front and from the back!

A couple of views with the outside sashing in place.  The next step will be to add a wide mitered border, all the way around.  That'll wait until tomorrow, Bob and I are going to the movies this afternoon.

Oh, the life of  retired folk!  We actually saw two movies, yesterday, American Hustle and Lone Survivor.  Today we're going to see August: Osage County and Nebraska.  We tend to go to the movies in spurts, so this is our January movie, spurt!

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Such a beautiful quilt... aren't you going to have a hard time letting it go? I would!!

  2. Beautiful! The back view looks like stained glass. Did you like American Hustle? I've heard that it's a little boring.


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