January 13, 2014

City View Quilt

I've been making steady progress on this custom quilt.  After I cut all the pieces for the blocks, I sorted them out.  I wanted each block to be different.  With 12 different fabrics, I cut 3 each of the 5" squares and the 2.5" squares, plus 6 each of the 2.5" x 5" rectangles.  I set about sorting them into individual stacks.

Also, one of the fabrics, Tile Flourish, has a beautiful medallion; so I fussy-cut that fabric, for the 5" squares.  Here's one of the completed blocks using Tile Flourish.

Over the weekend, while Bob was watching football, I did some marathon sewing and finished 27 block.  Today I think I'll complete the remaining 9 blocks.  I'll then be ready to determine the layout and add some sashing.

BTW, I found the answer to "what pattern are you using?" It's called Modern View, by John Kubiniec!  He was going to teach the class at City Quilter, and that's why the quilt was on display.  Of course, I'm not using a/that pattern, I'm doin' my own thing, as usual.  But the photo of John's quilt is definitely the inspiration for this quilt.

 Since I took the photo at City Quilter, I've decided to call this version City View Quilt.
May your bobbins always be full,


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Happy Quilting!