January 19, 2014

City View Quilt Top is complete

I'm really lovin' this quilt top.  Today I added the border, it's a very subtle gray with wavy lines, called Stems in Gray by Allison Harris.

This is my first time making mitered corners, and I think they turned out great.  Thank heaven for Pinterest!  Before I accepted this commission, I pinned what I thought was a good tutorial for mitered corners.  It proved to be a good one, but her math was a bit off, and wasted some fabric.  That fabric will go in the scrap pile!

Now, I ready to start on the quilt back.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. It's beautiful, Jan. i like the colors in this and the gray border works well.

  2. Beautiful finish! So fresh and crisp!

  3. Those mitered corners are a nice touch. I haven't tried them out yet. Very pretty quilt top :)

  4. The mitered corners are perfect!! I have never attempted them before... might try it on something small first... they can't be that hard, can they?


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