November 7, 2013

Modern Positive Quilt

deux petites souris: Positivity...

I'm finally ready to start cutting Amy's Modern Positive Quilt.  Yay! All the fabric is here, and the tutorial is written, if you want to make your own Queen-Size Positive Quilt.  Above is the throw size quilt that was Amy's inspiration, below are the colors I'm pretty sure, according to my Kona Color Card, are in that quilt.

These are all Kona colors, Maize, Corn Yellow, Cheddar, Lemon, School Bus, Amber, Tangerine, Carnation, Pomegranate, Blush Pink, Pink and Peony, in case you want it to look just like Amy's.  These colors really work well together!  Now, off to the cutting table, AKA the dining room table.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. That's going to be gorgeous! All those yummie solids! Enjoy the process. :)

  2. That's going to be gorgeous, all those yummie solids! Enjoy the process! :)


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