September 29, 2013

Churn Dash Quilt is finished.

I'm really loving everything about this quilt.  Warning:  lots of photos, the first batch were taken on my dining room table, AKA as the cutting table and design area.

The fabrics are from the first two collections from Parsons Gray.

I won one collection and purchased the other, plus some co-ordinating fabrics suggested by Pink Chalk Fabrics.

The quilt is fully reversible, the "back" feature Greek Cross blocks, an easy switch up of the same components as the Churn Dash blocks.

Now, for the backyard photos.  

Sorry, I warned you, lots of photos.

I'll get the quilt shipped to my grandson, later this week.  Truth is, he's 17 and probably doesn't care about getting a quilt.  But, he's the only grandchild who hasn't asked for one or more quilts, so I figured it was his turn.

 And finally, a glimpse of my quilt model, Bob.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Love this! Are the swirls quilted freehand or are they a pantogram?

  2. This is fab quilt! I'm sure your grandson will love it :)

  3. I love the back of this quilt. Beautiful!

  4. Love this quilt - both the front and back! Your fabric choices are perfect.

  5. Great quilt! I love lots of photos.

  6. It's wonderful Jan! As usual I like the back as much as the front, I'm sure he'll like it.


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