August 19, 2013

One of these things is not like the other!

In other words, I wasn't paying attention!  Bob suggested I take  break, and I agree.

Well, I started a new quilt today.  I should have 3 completed blocks, instead I have two, and one that may journey to the back of the quilt.

Amazing stars.

This quilt is my inspiration, of course mine will not be perfection, like this one.  I saw it on The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild blog.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I've done that but didn't notice until I had pieced the top, no fun.

  2. Haha, you sew like I do. Unfortunately, I usually don't notice the error until it's too late.

  3. Aw, that's frustrating, but look, you came up with a new block style!! And using it on the back of the quilt is a great save!

  4. Definitely a candidate for the back!! I do love that pattern and it will be gorgeous when finished.....hugs......

  5. There you are, carefully pinning and stichin', matinign those seams, and you turn it over ...argh!! I do know that feeling!


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