July 13, 2013

I'm churning and dashing

I have three grandchildren, all great young people.  I've been quilting just over 3 years, and all of them have received quilts as gifts.  Two of them have asked for a custom or additional quilt, and I delivered, of course.  The other one, has never asked for anything extra.  So, I figured it's his turn, and I'm making him a quilt, a Churn Dash Quilt.

Recently I  purchased some FQs from Pink Chalk Fabrics, the World Tour line and coordinating solids.  I paired those with some fabric I won over a year ago.

Both lines are from Parson Gray and they go together beautifully.  Today, I made four blocks; I need 35, so I'll be working on this for a while.

What are you working on this weekend?
May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. I can tell already this is going to be a beautiful quilt. I'm working on a small quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders this weekend. Staying out of trouble. Now if I could only stay out of the quilt shop!


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