June 29, 2013

Plan B equals Two tops and Two backs.

The Plan B Quilt conundrum, has been solved.  I decided to use both for quilt tops.  Here are the quilt tops:

And these will be the backs:

We're mid Heatwave, here in SoCal; I dashed out at 6:45, this morning, threw the quilt backs over the rosemary and snapped this.  I used the script-y number fabric from Ikea for the background, and inserted a row of random width strips in the center of each back.  Right now, at 9AM, it's 83 degrees, we're looking at a scorcher of 108°, midday.

Excuse me while I plot a new quilt, and our strategy for staying cool.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. So bright, cheerful and, well, reflective of the sun! The news last eve covered the amazing heat that is in the West. Temps that I hope do not make it to the upper Midwest (right now the heavy rains of last weekend have resulted in much flooding and road closures). Stay cool and quilt!!!!! Hugs....

  2. They are both incredible and I love the backs too!

  3. Beautiful work! I'll bet that rosemary smelled amazing this morning.

    Good luck staying cool - I don't tolerate heat well myself and can only imagine how hot that is!

  4. I'm so glad you went this way, they're both wonderful. 108? sounds like summers going to be just as good as a cold winter for quilting.


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