April 4, 2013


Yesterday I dumped all my scraps on the dining room table, AKA my cutting table.  The transformation happens when I throw down the plastic/flannel backed tablecloth.   No plastic = dining, plastic = cutting table.

I figure using scraps is a great way to avoid purchasing fabric.  So far, my fabric diet is working, in 5 months I've only purchased 2 yards of fabric, and I needed it to finish a quilt!

It's just a start.  I divided the scraps into large medium and small.

The "large" stack went back into the wire basket in the closet.
The "mediums" I set aside.

I started cutting the "smalls" into two sizes, 2.5 inch squares and 2.5x 5 inch rectangles.  I think I'll do some more cutting then start sewing them all together.  Right now, I have NO idea what sized I'll end up with, but it will truly be scappy!

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I'm impressed with your fortitude. I have only been trying not to buy fabric for the month of April and never realized it would be so hard. I just know that the collections I love won't be there when I let my self spend again. There are so many qreat scrap quilts out there that you should be able to make a beautiful one. 3bakergirlsgo@gmail.com

  2. I too am impressed....great going...love the quilt below this post.


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