March 3, 2013

Ever Evolving

These are the original blocks, made from the leftover HSTs from the Autumn Leaf Quilt Top

I decided to make them larger and added some low-volume fabrics to the edges.

Then I added some more scraps to the points.

More low volume fabric to the edges, and I think I'm finished.

I'm sure finished, as far as the wind is concerned!

I had considered adding more scrap triangles to this stage; it'd produce a diamond pattern where four blocks are joined together.  I think about it overnight.  What's your opinion?  Diamonds or no diamonds?
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Thanks for showing the evolution - the progression is really interesting! I'd say go for the diamonds - the work you've done with your scraps so far has enhanced this quilt top so much… To think, so much of this quilt came from leftovers and scraps!


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