March 31, 2013

All Time Favorite.

This quilt, that I call "Three Color Sunset Quilt", may very well be the favorite quilt I've made.  Of course I love all the quilts I've made.  Don't you love all the quilts you've made?

Here's a shot of the quilt back.

A close-up of the Loops and Swirls quilting

I've put it in the shop, here.

I'm linking up to the Let's Get Acquainted Link-Up, at from Pixels to Patchwork.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Your loops and swirls quilting loots fantastic!

  2. Wow, this quilt is gorgeous! I love how you laid out the colors. The quilting is so fun and it looks great!

    Thanks for linking up to Let's Get Acquainted this week!

  3. I love the loops and swirls quilting you did on this quilt. And the colours are beautiful.

  4. I love the bright colors, it's wonderful. Whatever quilt I'm working on is always called "the most beautiful quilt in the world". ;)

  5. Very pretty and very modern. I love the swirls - I need to learn to do those. It should sell quickly.

  6. Gorgeous. I love the quilting.

  7. Of course you are supposed to love all your quilts and this one is no exception! I love the colors!

  8. This is one beautiful quilt. I love the colors and design in it.


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