December 7, 2012


We're going to have an unusual Christmas this year. We're going to our youngest daughters’ home on Christmas day. You may wonder what’s so unusual about that.

 In addition to Bob and I, my daughter has invited her ex’s wife and her four children, my grandson’s half-siblings. And the ex will be there with his current girlfriend. (Still married to number two, yes he is.) My daughter, as you can tell is an amazing and generous woman.

I haven’t figured out gifts for wife number two and the girl friend, but yesterday I made pillow cases all five children in attendance.

pillowcases for gifts

All the kids have unusual names, too.  Oden is my grandson, he's 13.  Ares is 9, and I think Iven is 7, Hero is 5 and Cassia, the only girl is about 4.

While I'm figuring out the gifts for the women, I think I'll sew up some pillowcases to put in the shop.  I used this tutorial from the twiddletails blog.  I love how the pillowcases are finished with french seams, perfect for pillowcases that will actually be used.

french seam on pillowcase.

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