December 29, 2012

Pillowcase Tale

This is a photo of my daughter Sharon and I. 

For Christmas, I gave her son Oden a handmade pillowcase; Sharon said she wish I'd make her another pillowcase to match to one I gave her a couple of Valentines, ago.  I made two, gifted her one and sold the other.  This is it:

I didn't know where I'd get my hands on anymore to that fabric, especially since I'm on a fabric diet; but I did find a half yard of some sexy firemen, in my stash.  It wasn't enough for a pillowcase, I needed at least 3/4 yard.  I added a gray solid and made her a new pillowcase.

Sharon and Oden are coming today to take down our outside Christmas lights.  I think she'll be surprised.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Holy cow! This post was like porn! HA!

  2. Ha ha! Love it and I'm sure she will, too!

  3. I have that fabric line in sexy men at Christmas. I was going to make my friend a apron out of it. I like the pillow idea better.


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