December 3, 2012


Until this quilt, I've been very good about blogging about the "process", when I make a quilt.  For some reason I "fell off the wagon" this time.  I even took photos, but never did a post!

I'm calling this 5"0 x 50" quilt Simple Sixteen.  I really like the way the aqua cornerstones make the 16 patches pop.  I used leftover four patches for the pieced back and threw in the last bits of aqua for some pop on the back, too.

 It's been dreary and overcast most of today, but when the sun came out, Bob and I scurried to the front yard, it faces West, and snapped these.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. What a wonderful quilt...I just love the colors!!!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it and might have to make something similar. :)

  3. The colors are outstanding! Love it.


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