December 1, 2012

Fabric Diet

sewing subway art

I'm starting today on a fabric diet.  I did this in January 2011 and lasted for 6 months.  My trip to NYC and a visit to City Quilter did me in!  I love that store.  This year I'm going to NYC in May, and I'm sure I'll visit and leave some cash at City Quilter, but I've resolved not to use it as an excuse to "fall of the wagon".    Ann Marie of 16 Muddy Feet says she's joining in, too, on January 1st..  

One of the most crafty-fabulous quotes and it was on a sewing box. How fitting! :)

Do you want to go on a Fabric Diet, too?  It's easy, just do a blog post, making a commitment.  That's it!  No reports, no math.  I'm hoping to make it for a full year!.  I'll report when or if I break my resolve, and you will, too! 

There are always exceptions, like City Quilter  or needing a solid, but you get the jest, make a commitment  if you're thinking your stash is large enough.

Easy peasy, we can do this.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. I really want (and need!) to do this.....but I have absolutely no willpower when I see sale fabric, so I know I will be off the wagon immediately! It'd be like going to an AA meeting, and then driving purposely by way of the liquor store on the drive home! lol

  2. Sorry Jan - I can't see me getting further than mid January so there's no point trying is there!

  3. I've been on a fabric diet for the past several months (due to hubby's unemployment). I've been pretty successful and have burned through a lot of stash. I won't lie, it feels good. but so many gorgeous lines coming out I'm weakening!

  4. I'm gonna add my name to this, I have enough to live on for a long while. Sorry I'm slow to see the post, Jan, but I am finally coming up for air! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet Bob ~


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