September 8, 2012

Three Color Sunset Quilt

I have been busy.  This is the quilt pattern I did in Excel.  Excel is about as "fancy" as I get.

Each square equals 2 inches, so the finished quilt will be about 68 x 70 inches.  The white spaces mark where there's a flying geese block, for color transition.

Speaking of Flying Geese, I've never made them before so I went looking for a great tutorial.  The first one I found was good, not great; the math wasn't perfect.  The second one, and the one I highly recommend, is outstanding.  (I tried both tutes, to be sure.)  You make four perfect Flying Geese at a time, and they turn out perfect!  Great math, and no truing up needed.  This is the tutorial:  Flying Geese - No Waste Method.  Be sure to pin it for future reference.  Melissa Corey of Happy Quilting, wrote the great tute.

First I needed to figure out my block sizes, then how many of each size in each color.  I ordered 1/2 yard of each gray and yellow color, there was no room for error cutting any of the pieces.  Below are my Flying Geese, all stacked up.  I chain stitched all the units, for each step, a real time saver.

Then I was ready to cut all the different color strips.  As you can see from the top photo, I counted squares, multiplied by 2 and adder 1/2 for my seam allowance.

 Now, I'm ready to sew the Flying Geese and strips together.  Wish me luck.  These colors remind me of a fiery sunset, thus the quilt name.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Wow what a process! I love seeing ideas being sketched up then come to life in fabric. Good luck!! =D

  2. I use escel too, as I don't have any fancy computer programmes. It usually works OK.
    The colours in this are fabulous.


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