September 25, 2012

Progress and disappointment

I am making progress on the Red White and Blue quilt.  Not as much as I'd like, but progress none the less.  I spent a lot of time yesterday making an on point grid that would help me with deciding size and setting triangles.  Here's where I am, today, before I dash off to teach Tai Chi.

Two shots, to show that my dining room table is too small for this quilt.

Tomorrow, I should be able to get a lot of the "joining" accomplished.  In the afternoon I committed to speak at the Parkinson's Support Group at our Senior Center, about Tai Chi.

Plus, I spent some time on the contest that I mentioned in my last post.  Pin to win fabric, what a great idea; however  Randi, of I Have To Say  changed the rules and more that halved the time allowed to get the repins and I was 2 short.  Bummer.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Wow you've made a lot of progress! It's so tricky to get pictures of quilts in the progress stages!

    I was bummed too when I saw the new deadline! I feel so robbed! (though I was 26 pins away LOL!) =D

  2. WOW! That is going to be one lovely quilt.


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