August 13, 2012

Kites, HSR quilt

The HRT quilt top is complete.  I think it looks like kites, so that's what I'm calling it for now.  This was finished late Friday afternoon, but we've been having uber-weird weather; I didn't want to try to take photos when it was 100 degrees and raining on Friday afternoon!  I took this one about 8:30 yesterday morning and it was already hot.

On Friday afternoon I started on the quilt back, using leftover rectangles from the quilt top.  I finished the back yesterday, but it was about 105 degrees, so Bob and I went to the movies, instead of taking photos.  I took these right around 7 AM this morning, to beat the heat.

The Kites quilt will finish at about 40x60 inches.  I think I'll bind it in chartreuse, a new favorite for me.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Oh, beautiful! LOVE the colors! :)

  2. So gorgeous!! Solids are so amazing to use =D

  3. Love it! Is there a pattern for this type of quilt? I have the same fq bundle and plan on making a baby quilt with it. Mine would be about 32" by 42" if my finished hrt's are 4" by 6" each. Is this how you made yours? Thank you!


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