June 20, 2012

A Great Deal

Bits & Pieces Scrap Bag Solids
Maybe you already know, but Pink Chalk Fabrics is offering a great deal.   This line in my email really caught my attention "They're back! Solids Scrap Bags - get em' while they're hot."  

What is a Solids Scrap Bag?  It's ONE pound of 100% Cotton Fabric. Equal to approximately 3 to 3 1/2 yards of fabric.  That means you receive about 3 yards of quilting weight fabric for only 12.95, plus shipping; mine was $5.15.  For 18.10, I'm getting 3+ yards of random solid fabric. "Bits and Pieces include end of bolt cuts and orphaned fat quarters. Perfect for stash building and small projects."

FYI, I don't have sponsors, I'm just posting this hoping I help some one.  This blog has been quiet, because I've been on vacation.  I had a great time in NYC, then Bob joined me for a cruise to Bermuda.  I've started doing some post about my trip, on the Prytz Family blog, if you're interested.  We're going to be home for a month, before taking off on another adventure.  I don't know, yet how much attention the cutting mat and sewing machine are going to get, in those 4 weeks.  I'll post if they do.

Later this week I'm going to do a give away on this blog, so stay tuned.
May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. Scrap bundles are always more fabric than you realise you're getting! Solids even better! =D


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