June 20, 2012

City Quilter

I'm in NYC for one week every year.  I attend Book Expo America, and wander around being a tourist the rest of the week.  Each year I try to do and visit new things.  Since I travel alone, it would be easy to stick with what is comfortable.  One place I always visit, however, is City Quilter.  It's a grand quilting fabric store.  I have an idea for a new quilt and had in mind to find some FQ's specifically for that project, at City Quilter, mission accomplished!  Be sure to visit them if you're in the city.

Their address is 133 W 25th Street, you need to be buzzed in!

It's a wonderful store filled with Quilty Inspiration.

Aww, I love dogs.

They always have several NYC-centric fabrics, so you can sew your souvenirs. 
I also stopped by Purl Soho, another annual habit and beautiful store, but this year will be my last visit there. I realized, I never purchase anything there, never.  The store isn't dedicated to quilting, it's more diverse, and more expensive.  They do have an online shop that I've used, so that's where I'll be shopping.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Now I have to go to New York City!

  2. The shop looks so cool! Wish I lived in the USA =D

  3. Hi Jan,
    Did you know that the warehouse where orders are filled for Purl's online store is in Orange County? Real easy to get to, right off the freeway in an industrial park. They are open to the public - I think I remember their public hours being Tues, Wed and Thurs. You can check their website. Yes it's expensive, but it is a fun field trip to take occasionally.


    1. Yes, I did know that. I always found it unusual.


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